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Technological Evolution of Electronic Ticketing

Our History

Operating in the market since 1991, Prodata Mobility Brasil provides intelligent systems for collecting fares and fleet control for companies that operate collective passenger transport.

From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to design and implement integrated solutions of equipment and software, molded according to the operational needs of each client. It originated in Prodata Mobility Systems, a Belgian company founded in 1971 and a pioneer in the use of contactless smart cards.


With more than 120,000 validators sold, the PRODATA MOBILITY BRASIL is the leader of the Electronic Ticketing Systems market in Brazil and South America. It is present in nine Brazilian cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Aracaju, Goiânia , Recife, Cuiabá, Belém, Maceió, and in more than a hundred Brazilian municipalities.

The company also has solutions implemented in Argentina, Colombia and Chile

Always aiming at a better service to its customers, Prodata Mobility Brasil has facilities prepared to meet the demand for services and specificities of ticketing projects at strategic points spread throughout Brazil, with headquarters in São Paulo (SP), also has a branch in the Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Technical Assistance in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá, Joinville, Belém and Hortolândia and Outposts in Porto Alegre, Maceió.

Validators of PRODATA MOBILITY BRASIL are manufactured nationally and are widely recognized by the market as the most robust and more durable.

For operators and managers of collective passenger transport, PRODATA MOBILITY BRASIL equipment and systems mean:


  • Flexibility
  • Interoperability
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Efficiency

Quality Policy

Prodata Mobility Brasil believes that the supply, implementation, operation and maintenance of the Ticketing System is a result of a constant technological evolution that reflects a series of relevant differentials in relation to the existing solutions in the market and that put us at the forefront and guarantees the leadership in this market segment.

Adding experience and versatility in large-scale deployments, Prodata Mobility Brasil provides its customers with the most modern in the world in administration systems and control of the collection of fares paid and use of gratuities by users of the collective transport system for passengers


All hardware and software are developed by Prodata Mobility Brasil in its own development and research centers by a highly qualified team, providing security and quality service to its customers.

Therefore, always seeking to guarantee the quality of its processes, Prodata Mobility Brasil is certified and meets the requirements and requirements of the Quality Management System of ISO 9001: 2015, and SGS ICS Certificadora Ltda. issued the certificate Nº BR12/6972, which proves that Prodata Mobility Brasil has a Quality Policy that aims to offer a set of electronic ticketing solutions that meet the applicable requirements and expectations of our customers, according to the following principles :

“Develop and provide quality products and services, meeting established deadlines and requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.”



The Bigger & Better Transport Awards (Premiação das Maiores & Melhores do Transporte) maintains a long tradition that was initiated in 1975 by the fiftieth Transporte Moderno magazine, of indisputable technical and journalistic content, valued by its readers and advertisers of multimodal transport in Brazil.

In 2017, Prodata Mobility Brasil was elected for the 10th time, the Bigger and Better Electronic Ticketing Company according to the Transporte Moderno Magazine